Eri Sekiguchi

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temporal project

temporal is a automatic drawing installation project using magnetic fluid as ink. By using microcomputer, motors and drivers, paintings are drawn automatically and their patterns are generated from computer's random algorithms. By mixing digitalized-complex-expressions and textures of physical objects, this work aimed expressions of the time-transition and spatial perception. There are three works which have different size, system and time scale.

In temporal_m, magnetic fluid ink on the surface of canvas draws out paintings. Four picture-framed units (300mm*400mm) have xy-plotters inside, and let the ink move around. Processes of these drawings which has many complex lines, shapes and shades are generated in a day, and the effect changes include contingencies depend on factors like gravity, temperature and other environmeral elements.

//JP// temporal_m: xyプロッタを内蔵した4つの額縁型筐体(30cm×40cmの長方形型)にキャンバスを取り付け、その表面に垂らした磁性流体インクがxyプロッタによって引き伸ばされていく。1日を通じて出来上がる4枚のドローイングは各々で様々な線、カタチ、濃淡をもち、重力や気温などの環境要素も起因して偶発性も含まれる。


computational drawing, installation, magnetic fluid, Arduino

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