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temporal project

temporal is a automatic drawing installation project using magnetic fluid as ink. By using microcomputer, motors and drivers, paintings are drawn automatically and their patterns are generated from computer's random algorithms. By mixing digitalized-complex-expressions and textures of physical objects, this work aimed expressions of the time-transition and spatial perception. There are three works which have different size, system and time scale.

temporal_L is a work for three-month exhibition. 30,000mm×25,000mm sized canvas has xy-plotter (actuator) on the back. While drawing, magnetic fluid ink are filled up with hub filled with the ink. The movement of the ink is so slaw (5mm/sec) that it first seems not changing, but watching it long time can the viewers perceives the subtle changes of the painting. By taking pictures of the painting day by day on a fixed camera, I made a time-lapse movie of this work.

//JP// temporal_L: 3ヶ月の長期展示における作品である。巨大なキャンバスのサイズは3.0×2.5mで裏面にxyプロッタが設置されている。磁性流体インクはキャンバス表面に取り付けられたハブを通じて充填され、5mm/secという非常に遅いスピードでドローイングが書き進められていく。また、この作品の記録として定点カメラで毎日撮影を行い、タイムラプス映像を制作した。


computational drawing, installation, magnetic fluid, Arduino, timelaps

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