Eri Sekiguchi

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temporal project

temporal is a automatic drawing installation project using magnetic fluid as ink. By using microcomputer, motors and drivers, paintings are drawn automatically and their patterns are generated from computer's random algorithms. By mixing digitalized-complex-expressions and textures of physical objects, this work aimed expressions of the time-transition and spatial perception. There are three works which have different size, system and time scale.

temporal_1s contains 6 square canvas unit which are built in 6 different magnet controller and tracks of ink are drawn on each canvas every second.

//JP// temporal_1s:正方形の額縁型筐体に6つの異なる磁石制御装置が内蔵されており、6つのキャンバスにはそれぞれ異なるインクの軌跡が1秒を基準に刻々と描かれていく。


computational drawing, installation, magnetic fluid, Arduino

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